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Individual Healthcare

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At Aluity, we understand the importance of your personal healthcare!  While we suggest calling or scheduling an appointment for your insurance, you can quote yourself by using our individual health website  Many of our clients are at a pivotal point in life, transitioning jobs, retiring early, leaving a spouse's insurance, and countless other situations.  Aluity is one of the region's largest individual and Medicare insurance focused agencies.   Due to our huge client base, we have worked with and experienced about every situation so we can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.  We take an education approach, teaching you about insurance so you can make decisions that fit your needs.  You'll hear us say this a lot - Insurance is NOT a one size fits all, everyone has their own medical needs, doctors, prescriptions and we will help you look at the big picture and give you peace of mind.  For some basics, you can quote your individual healthcare at our individual healthcare website!

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