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License & Title Service

What do I need to bring?

To transfer a vehicle to your name, you need the ORIGINAL title.  If you are transferring your plate from another vehicle, bring the registration card from the current vehicle.  The title must be signed by the current owner.  West Virginia DOES NOT require the title be notarized, but MANY other states do, including some states near us like North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc.  NEVER BUY a vehicle unless you are buying from the CURRENT registered owner on the title.  Each owner must register the tile and pay taxes, you CANNOT "Title Skip" i.e. - Person A sells the vehicle to Person B, and Person B sells the vehicle to Person C without putting it in Person B's name first - EVERY buyer must get the title in their name.  Also, DO NOT buy anything with a "Certificate of Origin" unless you are purchasing from the original dealer.  A Certificate of Origin MUST be used to register the title for the first time, and can never be registered in someone else's name.  You also need your current insurance information, UNLESS you are doing a title ONLY - without transferring or purchasing a license plate.  You will also need your photo ID. 

Do you do renewals?

We process renewals in our office and issue the decals instantly.  For the fastest transaction, bring your registration renewal with you.  You will also need your tax ticket(or exemption form), and current insurance information.  We can do vehicle lookups by vin numbers, and reprint tax tickets, however a small additional fee may be required.  We can currently do renewals for regular vehicles and motorcycles.  Class B renewals can be done as well but with a 2-5 day processing time.  

Do I pay taxes if the vehicle is a gift?

The buyer and seller both need to appear in person and a notarized gift form must be completed.  No taxes are paid on a gift transaction, but all other charges apply. 

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What if I lost my title?
Can I get a title with a bill of sale?

If the original title is lost or cannot be found, the CURRENT OWNER must request a duplicate title.  You CANNOT transfer a vehicle in your name with a bill of sale, you MUST have the title.  Although some states do not title some trailers, boats, etc, these are exceptions.  Everything gets a title in West Virginia, and you must have the title to change to your name. 

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