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Conversation Between Doctor And Patient

When it's time for Medicare,
it's time for Aluity

Medicare comes with almost unlimited questions and answers, and we have posted a few below.  Regardless of whether you became disabled, sick, or waited 65 years to get your Medicare card, you have critical decisions to make.  Aluity is the regions biggest agency focused to your needs, one of the only places you can schedule your free consultation with one of our agents, come in or over the phone.  You have access to our local office to answer questions and help you along!  This is not a decision you want to make with a pushy stranger who came to your home, over the phone with a call center agent you can never speak to again, or make blind decisions online.  These decisions need a one on one discussion with a REAL agency with REAL people. 

If you are new to Medicare and would like to learn more, make a new to Medicare appointment with Joshua. Click Button Below.

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  • When I get Medicare, can I add my spouse?"
    No, Medicare doesn't work like the insurance you may have had from an employer or purchased yourself. Your spouse can get Medicare when turning age 65, or after being on disability for 24 months in most cases. If you are going on Medicare and need options for your spouse, Aluity is the areas most respected individual healthcare agency as well. We offer plans both on and off exchange, and we find so many people have been given terrible direction and advice on their healthcare decisions. The way to the real answer is by meeting with one of our health insurance experts.
  • Are Medicare and Medicaid the same thing? Can someone have both?
    Aside from being health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are totally different. Medicaid is for low income or disabled who do not yet have Medicare. Once on Medicare, someone may still have Medicaid, depending on income, and guidelines vary state to state. Often referred to as "Dual Eligible" - it simply means someone qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid simultaneously. Special plans may available for these situations. So the answer to this question is that Medicare and Medicaid are NOT the same thing, and YES, someone can have both!
  • Medicare covers everything 100%, right?"
    We need to talk! Medicare consists of multiple parts. If you are on original Medicare, hospital charges fall under Part A, just an overnight stay alone has a copayment of nearly $1500. Most services that fall under Part B have a deductible just over $200, with coinsurance of 20% for most other services, with NO MAXIMUM out of pocket! Original Medicare also doesn't cover most pills and other medications you would get from a pharmacy. This is why most people choose to add a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan and a Medicare Part D Prescription drug plan (PDP) OR others choose to add a Medicare Advantage Plan that ususally includes the Part D Prescription Drug Plan benefits in a convenient single plan.
  • Which option is best?
    Since 2006, Aluity has taken pride in meeting with our clients to get to know their personal needs and expectations. Often the conversation starts with "I want what my neighbor has" and through our free consultation you realize that plan works for them, but your situation calls for a different approach. The best option for you may not be the best option for your spouse, your neighbor or your cousin. Depending on where they live, the same options may not be available. Prescription Drug Plan benefits can vary from State to State, and Medicare Advantage Plan benefits can even be different from County to County! What's best is what works best for you, and the way to discover the correct answer for your situation is to talk with one of our experts, there is no way to replace experience when the goal is to protect your future!
  • Where do I get the FREE Vision, Dental, Hearing, Meals, Rides, Etc?"
    Did you know, plans can say they include "Vision" just by offering an eye exam with a copay? Plans can say they include "Dental" just by offering one teeth cleaning, and there may be a deductible involved, along with the possiblity of only one or two local dentists(or less). These benefits are often used as a sales tactic to get you to call. Any time you call one of the numbers on TV, they have ONE GOAL - Change your plan! One of the first questions you will be asked is "What is your current coverage", because now they can steer you to one of the other plans available. Do you know why? If they don't change your plan, they don't get paid! They usually don't mind to lie, their goal is to get you enrolled. Aluity has had a local office since we opened in 2006 giving you the confidence that we are doing the right thing for our clients - or we would have a line of unhappy customers out the front door!
  • Can I get my Medicare Part B Premium Back? Can I get Medicare money added to my social security check?
    By now you know, just because you saw it on TV doesn't mean it's true. If you are eligible for this, we will be happy to help you get applied. In all of our clients last year, we screened HUNDREDS for this and only THREE qualified. The TV ad's like to make it sound like everyone qualifies, but if you listen closely or pause and read the fine print, EVERYONE QUALIFIES to APPLY, everyone DOES NOT qualify. The qualification to not have to pay your Medicare Part B means you are a low income subset of the population and in many cases you receive Medicaid as well.


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